Productive Sounds

Productive Sounds3The workshop ‘Productive Sounds in Everyday Spaces’ examines the changing phenomenal and collective experience of ‘work’ (not limited to labor) in the twentieth century, focusing on one important modality of such experience–sound. We ask how corporations, scientists, and artists, have turned acoustic and musical sounds into topics of knowledge-generation and intervention in the workplace and beyond, and how their investigations have, in turn, been characterized as work. How has sound, for instance, been used to articulate new theories of behavior, express new technological utopias, aestheticize corporate identities, manage affective, physical and psychological states, or redefine productivity across different economic and industrial regimes?

The workshop has been co-organized by Joeri Bruyninckx (MPIWG/Maastricht University) and Alexandra Hui (Mississippi State University) with support of the Epistemes of Modern Acoustics research group at the Max Planck Institute for History of Science, Berlin. For a downloadable PDF version of the program, click here.

Productive Sounds2

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